5 Primary Elements of Home Restyling

 5 Design Elements to give your home a fresh New Look 

משפחת יוגב, מבט לפינת האוכל

If you feel something is missing, a touch that will breathe new life into your home, this is just for you.  Improving a home’s looks is a concern for many people, and countless articles revolve around this subject.
But before you choose an architect or designer for your home’s ‘makeover’, here are 5 elements that, if you know them, understand their role and use them, you’ll be able to create your desired atmosphere easily and perfectly.

People look where their attention is directed

People look in the direction we want them to look.
This means that if we want to emphasize an area or element in the room, we should make all eyes focus on it.
Think about it, there’s a good reason for TVs being placed in the center of the largest wall in the living room. Imagine a house filled with pictures, sculptures and decorative items; it will make your eyes skip around the abundance of elements and hardly focus on anything.

Bottom line: we can focus people’s attention and eyes on what’s important to us, and divert them away from the less attractive areas or elements.

Lighting is everything

Light and especially natural light has the ability to change the perception of our space.
Countless studies associate sadness, depression and physical illness with dark or artificially lit spaces. The most obvious examples are dark offices and hospitals versus open-plan villas or houses with large windows overlooking the garden.
Light functions in two ways, it creates a sense of space and air, and hence generates the illusion of vastness.

A world in black and white or filled with colors 

משחק של צבע וחומר

What a beautiful world this is, and we have been privileged to see it in color.
Colors have had meaning and power since the beginning of our history. They can expand narrow spaces, raise low ceilings and create the illusion of depth and texture. There is a good reason for which fashions change every year together with their predominant colors.

Colors can really enrich appearance but too much color can easily turn into a garish and cheap look.It is very important to know how to choose colors correctly, and combine them together to create the desired look.

Creating the illusion of space using directionality (perspective)

It’s all about illusion and eye deception. A fact well known by the great artists and architects of the Renaissance. They created magnificent buildings that blur the boundaries of physical space and personal consciousness (the cities of Italy are the most striking example of this).
We can create the illusion of space in our homes using materials, textures and directionality.
The way in which tiles are laid can make a narrow room wider. Placing shelves can help divide a large and long wall into small sections. With directionality and materials, we can decide whether to emphasize horizontal lines or make a part of our house the center of attention.

How does material feel ? 

אשליית מרחב ופרספקטיבה

Among our five senses, there is one uncontrollable sense that helps us to orient ourselves through spaces – the sense of touch.
Our skin feels everything. If we close our eyes, we can use touch to identify materials, textures, temperature and even objects around us.
Did you ever wonder why deprivation of touch is one of the worst forms of tortures? Without the sense of touch we lose our ability to move around properly.
Material and texture add layers to the design, inspire curiosity and even emotions.


In summary, the combination of these 5 elements is the basis for interior design. They join together and intertwine to create an aesthetic atmosphere.

One cannot think without colors, and cannot see without light. Texture and material provide richness and depth and enhance the focus of our interest, which in turn creates a spatial illusion.

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