About Efrat Meiri


'Israeli Architecture' specializes in building homes in rural communities and kibbutzim, incorporating a variety of materials and integrating progressive Green Building (eco-friendly construction) techniques.

As a B.Arch.Ed graduate from the Department of Architecture at The NB Haifa School of Design and further studies at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture in Holland, Efrat Meiri established her firm 'Israeli Architecture' in 2009, after years of working in planning, design and construction offices in the private and real estate development sector. "From a very early age I knew that I would choose a profession that offers meaningful service to others. Life in the kibbutz where I grew up contributed to my search for an occupation that deals with spaces and environment, enhances quality of life and supports my vision that everyone is entitled to self expression". Due to a natural inclination to the arts and a love of painting and sculpture from early childhood, Meiri chose to study architecture.

At first she specialized in renovating and extending houses and apartments of the Kibbutzim which were undergoing privatization, and much of her work was with elderly people. Working with a population that needed to have their homes adapted to the changes they were undergoing, was an excellent learning experience that emphasized the importance of designing and planning homes for changing needs, and it taught her to be attentive to people's wishes while preserving the distinctive characteristics of their homes and families.

Later Meiri worked for architecture firms that specialized in construction in the private sector and entrepreneurial development. She worked predominantly with young families and entrepreneurs who were building small, new neighborhoods till 2009 when she started her own business, Israeli Architecture – Architecture and Design Studio.

Presently, much of her work consists of developing an eclectic 'Israeli Design', which integrates elements that are influenced by the house's surroundings, its inhabitants and her clients' personal taste.

"To me, a house's practicality is the most important. The changes that occur in a family's needs and way of life, are reflected in the way spaces are utilized, and therefore a house must be dynamic and adaptable".

'Israeli Architecture' works with families who are building their homes, and focuses on architecture and planning, as well as licensing, construction restrictions and permits, planning of renovations, extensions and additional construction, planning and adapting homes for the elderly, interior design for new and existing houses. The firm also offers professional consultation and second opinion regarding construction and purchase of real estate.

"I am meticulous about identifying the family's needs, planning and adhering to budget, aesthetics and an accurate design".

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