Architectural Consultancy Services

Architectural Consultancy Services provide you with the ability to make informed decisions based on .professional knowledge יעוץ אדריכלי secound opinion

Consider for a moment investing your money in something completely unfamiliar. Would you dare to invest the best part of your finances in a venture you know nothing about, without acquiring some knowledge first?
Would you jump into the water if you didn’t know how to swim?
Agree to surgery without inquiring about the risks?

My grandmother used to say that laziness and stupidity are very expensive.
In architecture and house design, even small mistakes can be very costly.
Are you willing to put your bank account at stake?

My Architectural Consultancy Services provide you with professional information that:

• Will help you avoid making unnecessary and expensive mistakes
• Will "translate" professional language for you
• Can save you much trouble, especially in dealing with bureaucracy
• And most importantly – will provide you with the tools to consider all aspects and make well informed decisions.

בית משפחת כהן - חזית כניסהMy Architectural Consultancy service answers the question:

What option will serve me best?
The consultancy I offer is first and foremost professional and objective and as such it will help you understand your options and alternatives to achieve the best possible results, without the concern that the information is provided by someone with a vested interest.

With my Architectural Consultancy you will be able to:

• Choose the right professionals to suit your budget and schedule
• Understand how to monitor and supervise the execution of your project
• Know how to coordinate the implementation stages of the project
• Get acquainted with a number of experts in real estate and architecture
• Gain better perspective of the planning
• Consider all possible courses of action

I offer a range of consultancy services, dedicated for every need:

בית משפחת ליטוב - חזית הרחוב

Property purchase consulting
Contractors  sell thousands of houses and apartments each year. They know exactly what to say, what to show and what to hide; they know where to cut down and scrimp, where to exaggerate and demand more. Contractors and sales persons – are highly skilled at what they do, and take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

You are not expected to know everything they do, but you should have the tools to be able to decide if what they are selling truly suits your needs; moreover, you must absolutely make sure that you get the quality they promise.

מעבר דירה

Real Estate purchase consulting
When buying a pre-owned house how would you know if it is a good investment with potential for a positive return or a wrong decision? When hundreds of thousands of shekels or probably millions are at stake, architectural consulting before purchasing may be your best solution.

Second Opinion consulting
You've hired a good architect but how can you be absolutely sure that the plans and design are the best option for you? That the plan implements the options with the lowest cost?
Second opinion consulting consist of reviewing your house plans from a legal and statutory stance, examining standards and ergonomics (overall user convenience) and reconsidering all materials and methods.
A second opinion offers peace of mind, knowing that what you have is exactly right for you, or having additional options and alternatives.

בנייה ירוקה מתקדמתChoosing materials and construction methods
Advice regarding the choice of materials and construction methods to best serve your needs. Get assistance in understanding your options, obtaining the best quality while adhering to your budget with the confidence that the information is provided with no vested interest.

Interior design consulting
remodel and restyle your home while spending less, without hiring an interior designer and with the confidence of years of experience and vast knowledge that only a professional architect has.

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