The Development of Israeli Architecture and Construction

בית משפחת סיגל - מראה כללי

From Mud House and vine Gazebos to the Modern House – Evolution of a house  The development of construction From the beginning of time, man sought shelter. At first, prehistoric man lived in caves and natural refuges, but as the human brain developed, different residential structures were created in different parts of the world, such …

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Israeli Design – A Local Style

סלון משפחת טבצ'ניק

Israeli design – is there such a style ? Styles and fashions come and go; each period with its own style. We can easily distinguish between traditional Dutch clothing and Spanish garments. Telling which is Indian music and which is an Irish melody is no effort. And the difference between a Gothic cathedral and a …

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5 Primary Elements of Home Restyling

יצירת נקודת מוקד

 5 Design Elements to give your home a fresh New Look  If you feel something is missing, a touch that will breathe new life into your home, this is just for you.  Improving a home's looks is a concern for many people, and countless articles revolve around this subject. But before you choose an architect …

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