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My name is Efrat Meiri – and I am an architect, born and raised in Kibbutz Yagur, at the foot of the Carmel. From an early age, I knew that I would engage in a field that gives meaning to other people. Life on a kibbutz in the 1980s-90s, where personal identity is eliminated, contributed to my search for spatial occupation that would benefit people's quality of life, an occupation that fits my vision because every person has a place for self-expression. Due to my humane tendency and hobby from an early age to create and sculpt, I turned to architecture studies. I studied architecture at Wizo Haifa and TuDelft in the Netherlands.

The firm 'Israeli Architecture' specializes in building homes in rural communities and kibbutzim, incorporating a variety of materials while integrating progressive Green Building techniques.

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Litov Family Home - General Appearance

Customers recommend

Warm recommendation from the Cohen family

Efrat stood by the deadlines and was available for any questions. Even after the construction was finished, Efrat stayed in touch with us, and was always available for us.
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The Cohen Family

Warm recommendation from the Bartal family

I took her because she has kibbutz experience. I met with some architects and they started convincing me that this was an opportunity to renovate the bathroom and all sorts of other things as well.
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Bartal Family
Moshav Avihail

Warm recommendation from the Machlaoui family

We did exactly what she said, we worked on her plan and we're very pleased.
I really highly recommend it.
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Machlaoui Family
Ramat Hasharon
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The power to make decisions based on professional knowledge – architectural consulting services imagine that you are going to invest your money in a foreign field to you and you know nothing. Would you dare to invest your best money in an investment channel without knowing it or learning of the market? Will you go into the sea without knowing that you will live? Will you undergo surgery without knowing the risks? Grandmother...

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Designing homes: Addressing the existing one, shaking well, changing and creating a fresh living environment Home design begins with a dream that crystallizes into a desire that crystallizes into a decision to make a change that will allow you to get excited about your home, whether it is a new home or an old home. Home design refers to adapting the interior design of the house to the animations that live in it and the environment in which it ...

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Design private homes

Planning a private home sounds big, complex and complicated and partly so. It's a big thing, it's definitely complicated, but the assumption about complicated, I'm going to refute you together. how? By working together with you and me.   What's this about? To achieve the desired results of realizing all dreams, desires, requirements, and expectations in your home, it is necessary ...

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