Planning a Private Home

בית משפחת סיגל, חזית כניסה

Planning a private home sounds like a big deal. It sounds intricate and complicated, which is partially true.

It is a big deal and it is definitely quite intricate, but regarding the complicated part – I will completely refute this. How? By working together – you and me.

What do I mean?

In order to realize all tour dreams, wishes, needs and expectations regarding your house, you need a precise and comprehensive professional architectural design – the exact opposite of using an existing model from a contractor or simply imitating the style of a house you liked.

Accomplishing your goal of building your dream home, requires preliminary work – characterizing the essence of your unique home. This definition of the nature of your home will grow and develop to become the design and plan of your specific house. In the professional language this stage is called the preparation of a planning program..

בית משפחת ליטוב - חזית ראשיתThis is a key stage that you should complete, before you choose the architect to plan and design your home. 

Once you understand and define the essential nature of your house, you can then initiate the practical stages of planning and turning it into a reality.

During the planning stage, mixed and challenging feelings arise;  hesitation, concern and worries and much happiness and joy.
I never said that building a house was simple, but it is very much achievable, and working with me you have the opportunity to be fully involved in all stages of the process.

בית משפחת ברק - מבואת כניסהPlanning a private home with me means a partnership – a dedicated joint venture for the planning and design of your house. A house that suits your needs, expectations and values !

  • This also includes:  
    • Examining your requirements, needs and wishes as well as the elements you wish to avoid and eliminate
    • Defining and determining the budget for the project
    • Examining the plot's condition and characteristics
    • עיצוב פנים ותוספת בניהExamining the plot in terms of construction rights
    • Creating a planning program – a road map for the house's planning
    • Planning models
    • Submitting applications for building permits to all authorities and dealing with all bureaucracy until the permit is acquired.
    • Issuing work plans and a contractors' tender for the execution of the project
    • Supervision of the construction process: critical construction schedule dates such as frame construction, determining the location of electrical outlets, plumbing and communication conduits, testing insulation etc.
    • Working with reliable professionals based on my experience – engineer, surveyor and contractors
    • Providing information and vast professional knowledge regarding construction methods and raw materials that allows for flexibility in balancing and adjusting the budget.
    • Eco-friendly planning is part and parcel of the overall planning of the house.

I also make suggestions and point out considerations in order to make בית משפחת רחמני, רגביםthe property as  profitable as possible should you wish to sell or lease it, together with forward thinking regarding solutions for budget constraints.

I offer multiple solutions for the creation of sources of income.
I work in many regions of Israel and I am very much familiar with the various planning and construction authorities and committees.

I have so much more to share with you about the way you may turn your dream into a reality, but I'll leave that for our first meeting.

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