Renovating Your Home

How do you go about renovating your home to give it a contemporary look that conveys a sense of renewal and revitalization ?

חדר שינה לנערה מתבגרת

There is nothing quite as exciting as a new beginning.
You know  that feeling of excitement before a trip overseas, or when your child starts to walk or talk? Why not give yourselves the same joy and excitement by renovating and remodeling your home?
House design begins with a dream that turns into a desire and then crystallizes into a decision to transform your home into something that excites you; whether it's a new house, or an old one. House design is all about modification and adjustment of interior spaces to suit the needs of its inhabitants and the environment in which it is located.
Painting a wall, hanging a lampshade in the living room, putting up shelves, are some of the improvements that anyone can easily implement on their own.
Structural changes and transformation of the house's overall look require the experience of highly skilled professionals.

When was the last time you told yourself you must do something about your home's design ?

כיור מעוטר בעבודת יד

Interior design of an existing house:
This service is intended for families who are looking for an economic, reliable and professional way of turning old into new, and not abandon the experience of revitalization and refreshing of their home because of budget constraints.
There are many options to implement changes in an existing house; the various possibilities  depend on your wishes, your needs, limitations of the structure, materials and construction methods.
I will present to you the entire range of possibilities and show you what can or can't be done and the best way to make it all happen.

בית משפחת ליטוב - מטבח ופינת אוכל

Interior design of a new house:
This service is for families who are about to embark upon the process of building a new home. Designing a new house requires professional knowledge and experience, it requires attentiveness and dedication.
I will be happy to provide all of these.
There is nothing like a new beginning in a familiar and safe environment.

Embark upon your journey into the world of design with the help and support of a professional who understands your needs, and who will accompany you and pave the way to the successful realization of your dream.

All you need to do is fill in the Contact Form and I will get back to you to set up a consultation meeting.

Advantages and benefits of my service: 

  • Reviewing and characterizing your family's needs, requirements, wishes and requests. 
    – Planning in light of changing family needs and current status
    – Adapting the existing home to the family's needs
    – Taking into consideration the structure, it's advantages and constraints
    – Redesigning the interior spaces
    – Customers actively participate in the process
  • Creating a planning program. 
    – Summarizing all the above elements
    – Formulating a concept of the look, the house and the changes to be made
    – Planning the stages and execution schedules for the project
  • Producing different design models based on the requirements and needs
    – Providing the clients a variety of options for their home's design
    – Clients decide regarding the changes and design together with the me
    – Clients are encouraged to fully participate in the process, supervise the work and assess its quality throughout all stages
    – Designing according to the family's taste
    – Creating a real change in the house's looks and generating enthusiasm
  • Issuing work plans and tenders for all required professionals– Issuing plans for execution
    – Issuing tenders for contractors in order to get the best offer
    – Guiding the family through the process
  • Overseeing construction.
    – Overall supervision of the construction process
    – Monitoring and control of all stages
    – Handling of all communication and negotiations with contractors
  • Working with my team of professionals– engineer, surveyor, contractors
    – I work with a team of professionals who I found to be reliable and meticulous
    – Ensuring all stages are easily manageable and amendable in case of faults
  • Information and professional knowledge regarding raw materials and construction methods.
    – I work with a variety of materials while enabling the clients to choose their preferred method
    – Flexibility that allows for best use of the budget
    – My expertise – vast knowledge, information and experience
  • Availability
    – I am available most of the day
    – I usually respond almost immediately
    – Always ready to listen and attend to any issue, providing you with a sense of confidence


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